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For 18 years Emma has fulfilled her client’s aspirations for interiors that have a classic simplicity, elegance and functionality. Eternodesign is a Christchurch based design practice, yet this does not limit where we work – we undertake work throughout New Zealand, Australia and abroad. We have successfully completed projects in Canterbury, Waiau, Nelson, Northland, Queenstown, Sweden and Australia.

Emma has a true passion for beauty and design which is revealed in her designs. Her wonderful hands on approach makes the process seem easy.

Her work has been published in several notable magazines, including Home, Cuisine, Urbis, Home and Garden.

Emma has developed her own unique style over the years. Her experience with specializing in designer kitchens and bathrooms has been invaluable, assuring you will be getting the very best in design and functionality along with bringing you up to date with the latest appliances and kitchen hardware. Our product knowledge and expertise in interiors is second to none, and we pride ourselves on excellence.

At ETERNOdesign our aim is to bring our clients dreams to fruition and guide them on a wonderful journey of creating their dream home.

We work within every client’s budget from designer homes through to first home renovations. We offer space planning and ergonomic design for commercial business projects to maximize the effiencey and comfort to create wonderful working environments. Leading to added performance.

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